Spring is finally here

Now that spring is actually here and weather is nice I am extremely happy.  I love being able to take part in more outdoor activities.  The only down part of the spring is that there is plenty of school work to be done becuase the end of the semester is right around the corner.  The combination of the the beautiful weather and the massive amounts of school work is not a good mixture.  The distraction of the nice weather is a test for all students, weather they can handle the distraction or not.

As I THOUGH spring was here

Considering the week of warm weather we received I was believing that spring weather was here, I was wrong.  As I watched the weather channel today I saw that we are scheduled to receive a bunch of snow coming on Wednesday and Thursday.  I have never before seen this amount of snowfall come this late in the season.  I also have never seen any type of snow fall come in the middle of April.  I have mixed feelings about the upcoming snow for this week.  We will have to wait and see how it turns out.

Spring Begins

Every year when the spring  comes I notice a great mood change.  There's no doubt in my mind that I get the winter blues throughout the winter season.  Although, during the winter I don't notice the lack of good mood.  I begin to notice that I was infected with the winter blues once the spring comes and enlightens me.  This feeling of energy and enlightenment is one of my favorites of the year.