The Start of Summer

Now the the school year is ending the summer will start up.  I always have mixed feelings about the summer.  One thing that is always bad is the fact that I will have to work.  One one of the good things is that I will get to see all of my friends from home and the family.  I am also excited about some nice warm weather.  Even though the summer is nice I always enjoy the school year better.  I can't wait for next year to start up again!!!!!!!

Spring Fling

This upcoming weekend is our schools Spring Fling.  I love this weekend.  Its all fun for 2-3 days straight.  Another reason why it is soo cool is because of the concert that the school hosts.  The band we will be seeing is Drop Kick Murphys.  They are an Irish punk Band.  Im pretty excited for the whole weekend and can't wait for it to start.